Frequently Asked Questions: Genome Browser Mailing List


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How to contact our mailing list

How do I post a question to the Genome Browser mailing list?

If you are unable to find the answer to your question after searching the Genome Browser mailing list, please feel free to submit your question to Messages sent to this address will be posted to the moderated genome mailing list, which is also archived on a searchable public Google Groups forum.

PLoS Comp Bio has published an editorial offering guidelines for composing mailing list questions. When submitting a question, please include the following information:

If the problem appears to be display-related, please include:

How to view previous questions in the mailing list

How do I view questions & answers in the Genome Browser mailing list?

All of the questions and answers posted to the mailing list are archived and available for searching. You can view all of the archived questions & answers here.