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Genome Browser inquiries

This website is a "mirror" not run by UCSC. Please try to contact the person who manages this mirror with questions.

If you mail the UCSC mailing list, please include this mirror's address with any questions.

Before posting a question, we strongly encourage you to search our mailing list archives, our website, and our wiki for the answer. To expedite technical support, questions and problem reports must adhere to our technical support guidelines. PLoS Computational Biology has published a good set of guidelines for seeking online scientific help. In particular, when sending us a specific browser screenshot, we recommend that you use our Session tool to create a link that fully captures the browser settings. Be sure to remove the "hgsid" parameter and setting from any URL sent to us, as this can cause your personal settings to change unexpectedly.

Questions and comments submitted to the Genome Browser forums are publicly accessible and searchable. Please do not post confidential information to our public forums.

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Website and data questions:
Publicly searchable, interactive discussion forum for questions about the UCSC Genome Browser software, annotation database, genome assemblies, bug reports and release cycles (high volume).
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Comments and suggestions: Suggestion Box
Private forum for suggesting new tracks, utilities, and other features for the Genome Browser.

Mirror and source code questions:
Publicly searchable, interactive discussion forum for questions about the setup and maintenance of Genome Browser mirrors. Commercial use of the source code and binaries requires a license.
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Server and website access problems:
Private forum for reporting server errors or other problems accessing the UCSC Genome Browser or BLAT servers. You may also use this forum to offer your data for inclusion as an annotation track or public hub in the UCSC Genome Browser. Scheduled service interruptions for system maintenance are posted to the genome-announce forum and our twitter feed.

Genome Browser announcements:
Notifications from the Genome Browser project team about new software and data releases, and other items of interest to Genome Browser users (low volume).
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Genome Browser Training Program:
For information about our newly expanded on-site training program, email our training department or visit our sign-up page.

Commercial licensing inquiries

Genome Browser:
above address is genome-www at --> Private forum for licensing questions. For more information about licensing the Genome Browser software, see the software licensing requirements.

Blat and In-Silico PCR:
See the Kent Informatics web site for more information.